New Ohio Sports Betting Bill Surfaces

  • Rep. Brigid Kelly and Rep. Dave Greenspan have proposed a sports betting bill in Ohio.
  • The bill is intended to provide additional public education funding in Ohio.
  • The bill would impose a 10% tax on businesses offering sports gambling.

OHIO – Sports gamblers in the State of Ohio have some potentially good news to look forward to in the coming months. Two legislators in the state have proposed a sports gambling bill. The bill would regulate and legalize sports betting for Ohio residents, something bettors in the state have been waiting on.

Rep. Brigid Kelly and Rep. Dave Greenspan were the legislators who proposed the sports gambling bill. HB 194 would regulate and legalize sports betting for Ohio residents. The bill also has some other intentions that would greatly benefit the State of Ohio.

“At its core, this bill is intended to provide additional funding for public education in Ohio by making sports betting legal,” said Rep. David Greenspan.

“The format and structure of the bill provide clarity as to the authority overseeing sports betting in Ohio while providing flexibility to address opportunities and challenges facing this newly legalized industry.”

If the bill passes into law and makes it past the House and Senate then it would be a big step for sports gambling around the country. After previous federal laws were struck down its been open season on sports gambling legislation in the U.S. Previous sports gambling bills have fallen through the cracks, but this new bill gives new hope for Ohio bettors.

HB 194 would give the Ohio Lottery Commission authority to administer sports gambling in the state. The bill would expand the Lottery Commission size from 9 to 11 members and would require that at least three of them have experience or knowledge in sports gambling. The bill would also impose a 10% tax on businesses offering sports gambling.

Upon first glance, the sports gambling bill may present legal problems for Ohio. The Ohio constitution prohibits gambling in the state. Fortunately, though, the state is allowed to operate lotteries, and “lotteries are exempt from the gambling law.” This allows sports gambling if overseen by the Ohio Lottery Commission, the possibility to become legal without going against the state’s constitution.

It’s a bright and exciting time for sports bettors in “the land”, and elsewhere in the state. While the bill does not discuss mobile on online betting, land-based wagering would still be welcomed with open arms in the state.

For the time being, though, sports betting in Ohio fans will have to chew their fingernails as they wait and see what happens with the bill. HB 194 has yet to pass the House, but if it does they’ll have some momentum on their side going into the Senate. Gamblers will not only have sports wagering in their state if the bill passes but more funding for education in the state as well. Both are great benefits for the State of Ohio.

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